Welcome to Harvey Browne Preschool

We believe that every child is precious, gifted and talented, and we know that when you choose our school, you have placed a great trust in us. At Harvey Browne Preschool, the entire faculty expresses genuine love and affection for every child. We teach children to show respect and kindness to each other, thereby creating a caring community of learners.

Friendly Reminders

 When Jefferson County Public Elementary Schools are closed due to weather, Harvey Browne Preschool is closed



6,7  Conference Days – No School

13 Open House for Prospective Families with kindergarten children 9:15 a.m.

20-24 – Thanksgiving Holiday – No School


18-19 Birthday Parties for Jesus

December 20-January 2 – Christmas Break


3 Classes Resume

10 Open House for Prospective Families 9:15 a.m.

15 Martin Luther King Day – No School