Typical Day at HBPS

A typical day at Harvey Browne Preschool includes a balance of active time and quiet time, along with a balance of child- initiated activity and teacher-directed activity.

Children enjoy hugs and smiles as they interact with teachers and each other. They have many opportunities to learn as they engage in a variety of learning centers and activities each day.

Some typical learning centers include science, math, language and literacy, writing, art, sensory, dramatic play / social studies, blocks / construction, manipulatives, and others specific to thematic units.

The centers are areas connected to the current thematic unit where children can explore independently. The children also spend time individually daily with a teacher engaged in an activity where learning is designed to meet each child’s individual needs.

In addition, there is a Circle Time where children engage in calendar, math, science, and language and literacy activities, as well as have stories read to them, engage in songs and fingerplays — all designed around the thematic unit and children’s individual interests and needs.

Each day children play outside (weather permitting) or inside in our full-size gymnasium. Children also enjoy a snack time every day. There is a separate music class once a week for all classes and music is integrated in the classroom curriculum throughout each day.

All children attend a music class once a week. All the four-year-old classes and kindergarten classes also have a creative movement class once a week. There is chapel every other Wednesday.

The children are engaged in a variety of learning activities that are play-based and meet their individual needs. Through these activities children learn persistence, flexibility, and self-regulation as well as continue to remain highly interested and motivated to learn. Children are engaged and happy learners                                                              each day they come to school.