School Profile

Harvey Browne Preschool is a Christian preschool and is a mission of Harvey Browne Presbyterian Church.  The preschool has been a part of the St. Matthews community in Louisville, KY since 1955 and has demonstrated their commitment to high quality early childhood education since the beginning.  Our school promotes positive relationships, implements a curriculum that fosters all areas of child development, provides highly qualified teachers who use effective teaching and assessment approaches, and establishes and maintains collaborative relationships with families and community.  We also provide a safe and healthy physical environment and implement strong program management policies that result in a high quality early childhood environment.  The entire faculty is committed to providing a loving and nurturing environment that supports optimum growth and development for all children.

Our Mission
Harvey Browne is a Christian preschool in service to children aged two-and-a-half through Kindergarten. Through partnerships with the church, community, teachers, and families, we strive to empower children to achieve their full potential.

Our Philosophy
Teachers and administrators at Harvey Browne are proud of the school and its environment. Each member of the staff supports the school’s philosophy to:

  • Nurture the whole child.
  • Exhibit true affection.
  • Recognize that each child has their own identity.
  • Provide opportunities for meaningful engaged and enthusiastic learning and creative expression.
  • Respect each child and encourage respect in all interactions.
Calendar Year
Harvey Browne Preschool operates on a nine-month calendar year starting in August and continuing through May.

School Hours
The preschool hours are from 8:50 a.m. until 12:00 p.m.  We have an Early Bird program before school from 8:00 a.m. until  8:50 a.m.  An after school program, Lunch Bunch, is available Monday through Friday from 12:00 until 3:00 p.m. On Wednesday afternoons we offer an optional literacy enrichment program for four year old children, “Lit4Fun.”  Our kindergarten program begins the year with 5 days from 8:50 until noon.  In October, we transition to a long day on Thursday until 3:00 p.m.  In January, we add Tuesday as a long day until 3 p.m.  The children finish the year with 3 days until noon and 2 days until 3:00 p.m.  The kindergarten children may also attend an optional literacy enrichment program on Wednesday afternoon called Literacy Above and Beyond (LAB).

Contact Us or Schedule a Tour
Amy Squires or Anne Hughes at Harvey Browne Preschool:
502 895.2577

A Typical Day
A typical day at Harvey Browne Preschool includes a balance of active time and quiet time, along with a balance of child initiated activity and teacher-directed activity. Children enjoy hugs and smiles as they interact with teachers and each other.

They have many opportunities to learn as they engage in a variety of learning centers and activities each day. Some typical learning centers include science, math, language and literacy, writing, art, sensory, dramatic play/social studies, blocks /construction, manipulatives, and others specific to thematic units. The centers are areas connected to the current thematic unit where children can explore independently.  Centers are a child’s “lab” for social emotional learning.

The children also spend time individually daily with a teacher engaged in an activity where learning is designed to meet each child’s individual needs. In addition, there is a Circle Time where children engage in calendar, math, science, and language and literacy activities, as well as have stories read to them, engage in songs and fingerplays — all designed around the thematic unit and children’s individual interests and needs.

Each day children play outside (weather permitting) or inside in our full-size gymnasium. Children also enjoy a snack time every day. There is a separate music class once a week for all classes and music is integrated in the classroom curriculum throughout each day.

In addition to music class once a week, all the four-year-old classes and kindergarten classes have a creative-movement class once a week. There is also chapel every other Wednesday, which is led by the Director of Children Ministry at Harvey Browne Presbyterian Church.

In addition to the curriculum provided every day the children attend, we have formed community partnerships that help our little ones learn and grow.  We have a parent volunteer group that plans events for the children which include puppet shows, magic shows, and a transportation day.  We also partner with the St. Matthews Fire Department each October when the fire fighters bring their fire engine and visit each classroom to teach about fire safety.  Hercules, the therapy dog, visits to teach us about dog safety, Santa visits each December and dentists visit in February to teach us about dental health.   Professionals from a local dentist office visit to teach about dental health and healthy eating.  The children’s librarian from the St. Matthews branch of the Louisville Free Public Library visits monthly for storytime and local artists visit and help children explore the world of art.  Our parents also provide us with many rich opportunities from year to year as they share their special talents with us.  Children have a rich variety of community experiences each year at Harvey Browne Preschool.

The children are engaged in a variety of learning activities that are play-based and meet their individual needs. Through these activities children learn persistence, flexibility, and self-regulation as well as continue to remain highly interested and motivated to learn. Children are engaged and happy learners each day they come to school.


 The yearly tuition is payable in full, monthly, or divided into 3 equal payments due May 1, October 1 and February 15.  Please refer to the Application tab for more information about registration and tuition.