Harvey Browne Preschool has an outstanding faculty with an amazing love for children and a high commitment to quality in early childhood education.

The teachers meet the very high educational standards required by NAEYC ensuring that they are highly qualified in the area of early childhood education. All lead teachers have an undergraduate degree with hours in early childhood education and many teachers have Master’s Degrees.

Our director has a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership with a concentration in early childhood education. Our entire faculty works very hard to build strong relationships with the children, their families and our community.

Barbara Bailey

Assistant to the Director
Anne Hughes

Faculty 2018-19
Mary Ann Boylan
Lori Bushong
Jill Donohue
Mary Dugan
Carolyn Evans
Elizabeth Foley
Julie Hobbs
Amy Jones Brewer
Betsy Kenney
Betsy Klapheke
Becky Medley
Teresa Oetken
Cathy Shade
Joan Schieman
Jane Sodano
Amy Squires
Donna Tipton
Ellen Zuber

Early Birds Coordinator
Cathy Shade

Great Minds Coordinator
Cathy Shade
Ellen Zuber

Music Teacher
Kathy Williams
Cathy Shade

Speech and Language
Sondi Barnett

Occupational Therapy